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GRASS GIS 8.2.1 released

What’s new in a nutshell

The GRASS GIS 8.2.1 release offers over 80 improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous release, 8.2.0. The update includes a range of enhancements to the software’s modules and graphical user interface. Some notable module improvements include various bug fixes for r.kappa, the addition of support for unregistering maps from other mapsets in t.unregister, and a fix for cross-validation in v.surf.rst. The graphical user interface has also seen improvements, with issues being resolved for the database manager, the image group dialog, the import of PostGIS and SQLite geometry data, the Postscript-based mapping tool, and the Single-Window GUI toolbar. Additionally, a correction has been added to the grass.jupyter for bounding box reprojection within the InteractiveMap class and the GridModule now cleans up temporary mapsets when an exception occurs. Concerning the documentation, all addons now register their keywords in the main keywords index, leading to a better overview of available functionality. For mobile devices, viewport support and hamburger menu-style table of content have been added to the manual pages. The PROJ library support received important fixes for area bounding boxes and longitude estimation. Compatibility fixes for PDAL 2.5.0 have been added, and updates have been made to the available docker images, especially the base images (Ubuntu and Debian). The Windows NSIS installer was also updated to fix rare installation problems. Overall, this release offers a more stable and efficient version of GRASS GIS for users.

GRASS GIS 8.2.1 graphical user interface

Full list of changes and contributors

For all 80+ changes, see our detailed announcement with the full list of features and bugs fixed at GitHub / Releases / 8.2.1.

Thank you all 16 contributors!

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The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (https://grass.osgeo.org/), commonly referred to as GRASS GIS, is an Open Source Geographic Information System providing powerful raster, vector and geospatial processing capabilities. It can be used either as a stand-alone application, as backend for other software packages such as QGIS and R, or in the cloud. It is distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). GRASS GIS is a founding member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

Markus Neteler and the GRASS Development Team, Jan 2023